Our Vision and Mission

We are an innovative theological training institute supporting the reshaping of individuals, churches and society in German speaking Europe. We offer German speaking training, further training and services relating to the spread of the Gospel and the formation of society.

We base our training on the principles of adult education and focus on a combination of theory, practice and personal development. Our students are developed in professional, spiritual, social as well as research skills.

our foundation
We confess the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our foundation is the Bible.

our orientation
We take our orientation from the historic creeds of the Church, the Basis of Faith of the Evangelical Alliance as well as the Lausanne Covenant.

Philosophy and methodology

training Philosophy

Our teaching methodology is manifold:

  • interactive teaching sessions in the classroom
  • independent work through assignments
  • participation in extramural courses
  • group study

Our training philosophy rests on a model of 3 learning fields (see graphic on the right):

  1. Theory (Theorie): transmission of professional knowledge in all areas of theology
  2. Practice (Praxis): practical work in a church or social institution as an integral part of the training
  3. Coaching (Persönlichkeit): yearly modules focusing on areas like discipleship, character and per-sonality development



In 2009, IGW was granted the eduQua-certificate, the leading Swiss quality label for educational institutions.




We work in a cost-conscious manner, use church facilities for teaching and study, and keep administration expenses low. Still, we are dependent upon donations to cover our expenses. Our financing model rests on 80% economic viability and 20% donations.

We gratefully accept individual as well as regular donations. All funds go directly into the development of new programmes aiming at helping our students influence their environment in a relevant and powerful manner.

Bank details:

  • For CHF
    80-59548-2 or
    CH53 0900 0000 8005 9548 2
  • For EUR
    Volksbank Jestetten (Kto. 156 2002, BLZ 68491500)
    DE14 6849 1500 0001 5620 02


We are pleased to give you an overview of our various partnerships.
Below you will find all our partners we are in contact with.



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